Faith Is Why I'm Here

Life In The Valley By Jonathan Anthony Burkett

Written by Jonathan Burkett


Posted on May 06 2023

This is a story about my life as a young man going through many struggles. This account is how I remember the major events that took place: losing the one I loved the most in life, having my first mental breakdown in elementary school, being told “I wish you would’ve died” by the one I was told loved me more than my grandparents, and finding myself at the age of fourteen, sleeping on the streets, in cars, and in parks, with a broken heart and mind because of the life I was living.

While living with a brain disorder due to stress and anxiety that caused me to have seizures and hallucinations, my continuous questions were: “Will I ever be given love? Will I truly ever be loved by another in this lifetime of mine, other than by my grandmother and grandfather? Was I even destined to be?”



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