Jonathan Anthony Burkett

Jonathan Anthony Burkett

Jonathan Anthony Burkett is a savvy Entrepreneur, Investor, Author, Artist, and Philanthropist whose journey through life has been characterized by brutality, hatred, trials, and tribulations to become who he is today. His experiences have taught him to be resilient, to question the status quo, and to never give up on his dreams no matter the circumstances, and he is now building a business empire one successful brand at a time.

Born in 1987 in Miami, Florida, and raised in Jamaica by his grandparents, Jonathan faced numerous challenges right from his childhood that tested his resilience. From economic hardships to health issues, his life was far from easy, aggravated by surgery in 2005. He refused to let his condition define him and instead turned these challenges into opportunities for self-improvement. He often found solace in reading and writing books to express his innermost thoughts and feelings. It was during this time that he discovered his passion for literature, and thanks to Father God, a closed door was opened for him to walk right through.

To cut a long story short, Jonathan is now a published author who has written numerous books, including "Neglected but Undefeated, Friends 2 Lovers, and Fighting to Become Champions."His books give readers a glimpse into his personal journey of transformation and have resonated with readers across the world for their inspiring messages of love, hope, and determination. As part of his broader vision to positively impact the world, Jonathan has also launched his music career, a premier fashion brand, a real estate investment company, and is engaged in several philanthropic initiatives.

Jonathan's life is an inspiring tale of perseverance, resilience, and personal growth, from his early struggles to his triumphs in the literary, musical, and business worlds. His story serves as a reminder that no obstacle is insurmountable and that our own journeys have the power to inspire and uplift others

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Upstormed Books

Upstormed Books is a renowned publishing company that publishes great books to give inspiration, motivation, and faith to people questioning love, family, and life. It aspires to be the premier source of inspiring books for readers to gain knowledge, insight, and understanding of life’s most important topics and to create a platform for authors to share their stories with the world.

Through its collection of stories, Upstormed Books offers readers a chance to understand the complexities of life and to find comfort and solace in the shared experiences of others. It strives to keep its books diverse and inclusive, so readers can find stories that represent them and their unique situations. The goal is to help readers discover themselves, find their own strength and courage to face the obstacles that life throws at them, and ultimately emerge triumphant.

To further its mission, Upstormed Books works with authors from all over the world to bring stories to life that touch readers in ways that no other book could. Through its dedicated team of experienced professionals, the company provides a comprehensive range of services, from editing, design, and printing, to ensure the books are of the highest quality and appeal to the target audience. In addition, the company leverages its relationships with bookstores, libraries, media outlets, and online platforms to generate awareness for its books and reach a larger audience.

Upstormed Books believes storytelling is a powerful medium to bring about change and create meaningful connections among people. It aims to ensure the books it shares represent all kinds of voices, backgrounds, and experiences, bringing hope and resilience to those who need it.

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Upstormed Is An Parent Corporation

Upstormed is an American multinational parent corporation founded and owned by Jonathan Anthony Burkett. The company has achieved tremendous success by investing in and diversifying its portfolio across multiple industries, including real estate, arts and entertainment, healthcare, e-commerce, technology, and artificial intelligence. It has a team of experienced and highly skilled professionals with different areas of expertise dedicated to providing the highest standards of service and delivering results that exceed expectations.

Since its formation in 2014, Upstormed has grown exponentially and established a strong presence in the United States and multiple countries internationally. This growth is attributed to the company’s ability to recognize opportunities, capitalize on them, and develop innovative products and services that meet customer needs and bring long-term value. The CEO’s progressive leadership and ability to build an extensive network of partners, both domestically and globally, have also been instrumental in helping the company expand its reach and access new markets.

Upstormed has become a leader in its various fields due to its commitment to staying ahead of the competition and its focus on identifying emerging trends in the market. It is always at the forefront of technological advancements, investing heavily in research and development to ensure its products and services remain cutting-edge. Intent on furthering its developmental goals and positioning itself in the industry, Upstormed actively seeks new investment and partnership opportunities with companies sharing similar goals and solid business plans for mutually beneficial results.

Big on Corporate Social Responsibility, Upstormed is committed to helping the communities in which it operates and continues to invest in projects that create jobs, preserve the environment, and improve the quality of life for the community.

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Jonathan Anthony Burkett

Jonathan Anthony Burkett was born February 1, 1987. He is a bright outstanding writer inspired by many, as he continues to struggle in life. Devoted for achievement in his lifetime, he is willing to take any test. He told himself, that he would never give up no matter the trials and tribulations. He decided to write to help him move towards a bright future for himself; and because he knows that’s what his Grandparents want for him.?

Jonathan Anthony Burkett life changed dramatically the year 2005 after he had survived a surgery that, he was told would better his life. Miraculously it did, along with his mind about life. A young man now, dedicated towards achieving goals in life, without his GED/High School Diploma, he had now looked at himself as in the world.

Having the urge now to get himself back into school to get either his GED/High School Diploma, Jonathan held back from it because his mind was to blocked up with all of the problems that he was having still in his life. After days of thinking about how he was going to handle all of his living problems, he had gotten the idea to just find a good job, and to save up until he was able to provide everything that he needed, so that he may feel uplifted and then ready to strive for success. However, mistakes were made and jobless he became once again. That’s when he remembered what he had told himself, what he wanted to do if he survived his surgery, and that was to share his life story with the world for many to see how merciful our father God is, to his children.

In the future Jonathan will be of course writing more books along with having goals on becoming a scriptwriter, songwriter, actor and more things that he loves to do as doors begin to open up for him.

Patiently Jonathan is still waiting, for if it was meant to be, victory will be in one of his open doors that he, will someday walk right through.

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Jonathan Anthony Burkett Introduction
Having gone through illness, troubled times, near-death experiences, and years of feeling unloved, I felt I had a story to share; I began writing and became an entrepreneur. I hope to have a great future now that I’ve persevered. I say to those who ask how I’ve made it through, “Be confident in your approach to success in having a better future. Take risks, try new things, become diligent, and find new techniques. Because in the end you will develop a compelling emotional element.”
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